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One Thing to Avoid during Your Job Search

Guessing and assuming is a loser's game during your job search (and in life!):

- Assuming that the "Easy Apply Button" will be good enough to land the interview -- be proactive, follow-up!

- Guessing your daily rate or salary on the market -- do your research so you can negotiate best!

- Assuming people will "connect the dots" when reading your CV -- take the time to present your experience concisely and accurately.

- Assuming that landing interviews and getting a job is the responsibility of others (recruiters, managers, luck... Etc.)

- Assuming and guessing will always keep you on the weak spot. Sadly, it's when you will encounter disappointment, surprises and/or confusion.

The best results come when you take ownership and responsibility and know for a fact where you stand, what chances you have, and what your value is.

Get in touch if you are looking for a change in your career :)

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