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5 Simple Ways You Can Become a Better Candidate

Somtimes, getting ahead doesn't take a big investment, but rather changing strategy, getting on the right mindset, and following some simple steps. Here are some:

1. If you're open to new opportunities on LinkedIn, add your mobile or email so you are easily reachable.☎️

2. Specify exactly what you are looking for on your LinkedIn title. So, "Open for new opportunities as a Business Analyst" is more effective than just writing "open for new opportunities".📝

3. Keep track of your applications. Use apps such as Trello to organize and update the progress on each opportunity.

4. Keep a good attitude. Even if you've been looking for a while, it's important to transmit positivity when you're contacted by recruiters.💪

5. Follow-up! Don't sit and wait for interviews to drop in your mailbox. Remember, you are selling yourself and your skills, so you need to become your own ambassador. This means developing good presentation skills, good communication skills, and good prospecting skills.

Good luck!✨

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