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A quest for self discovery

By Fernanda Carcamo

Now is the time for me to spread my wings, learn to fly high and far, travel through storms and navigate tempests, and find out what it is I came to do in this world, thought the young courageous lady of only 18 years of age, only a few years after she had decided to take her destiny in her own hands, and even though she still was not sure about how she would manage to find enough resources to become and transform into a person of impact and grandiosity, she felt it was her time to shine, despite the fact that she had grown up in an environment where financial stability was fragile, she felt she was a lady of good fortune because her family, school and community had provided her with a loving environment and with the best education the country had to offer, which is why she dared to believe she had what it took to reach the stars, because she had the capacity to develop self belief and because she had an unbreakable confidence inside that always found a way to manifest itself, whether it was in sports, in social gatherings, or in school, it flourished in a form of daily persistence, resilience, action, and in the capacity to envision a new world she knew was possible, which in this case it meant embarking on a plane from Tegucigalpa Honduras, where social inequality, corruption and violence could destroy the dreams of any young adult, to a privileged university in upstate New York, where she would have no limitations on the time and resources she could dedicate to the betterment of self and culturing of the mind, giving her the one chance of her life, or so she thought, to not only take every opportunity but to create them from the mind, because she knew there was no such thing as waiting for things to come to you, but rather evoking the energy of the universe to create the future through action, which was why she was there, ready to board, inevitably obsessed with the question of what her calling and passion were, without realizing that question would follow her for many years to come, and that she would have to reinvent herself and pivot continuously into new career and life paths; but, on that day she hoped the mix of her talents, hard work, and resilience would be enough to carve her own path of discovery of the world and, most importantly, of her own self, which was why she tried to ignore the fact that her most immediate priority was to get financial stability, as she would often worry about how she would achieve greatness if she only had 100€ on her bank account, and it was why she consciously kept her focus on what really mattered the most: the ability to build a good life by connecting with people, by acting with humility and patience, by reaching self mastery and by becoming a real hero, not the type of hero that saves everyone, but a hero that can find meaning in hardship and one that can endure difficulties to find purpose; and so the story goes, that on that day, she embarked without knowing that in the future she would feel that same excitement as she did then and that she would feel that same curiosity about her capacity to reach her potential, just this time around it would not be about what her calling or passions were but rather about what type of leader she would become, because by then, she would have already found her path, financial stability, and enough time to focus on giving beyond herself, not only to the family she had built with her soulmate but also to the community around her, and it was in that second quest for self discovery that she realized even though she had grown as a person, she still felt that strong desire to continue expanding and continue putting her intuition, her ideas, her creativity, her strengths and her capacity to solve complex problems to work, because life had become tougher for everyone, and because she felt the world was in need of people willing to invest in themselves and in others to create a better world.

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