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Are shortlisted candidates delaying our recruitment processes?

Hiring manager: this candidate is a good possibility, but I need to think about it. Can you call me in two days?

Me: What information will you have in two days that you don't have now to make a more accurate decision?

Hiring manager : hmmm.... None. But I need more time because I am not sure about him, even though we had a great interview.

Me: What makes you hesitate?

Hiring manager: He's great technically but he lacks the leadership we need. I don't think he can lead this project.

Me: From my understanding, this guy is not your candidate. I would suggest we tell him he should continue searching for something else. From my experience, if there's a doubt, it's a no-go.

Hiring manager : Yes. You're right. Let's not keep this candidate waiting and let's continue our search.

Sometimes, the time wasted during the recruitment process is mere lack of communication and lack of clarity.

This can increase frustration on candidates who are kept as 'shortlisted just in case', which rarely ends on a successful placement.

Let's be concise and solid on our decisions when hiring and let's give prompt and clear feedback.

Candidates will thank us.

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