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Can we recharge even when we're not on vacation?

Is it necessary for us to be "off work" in order to recharge our batteries? Or, can we discover ways to remain recharged even during our workweeks to avoid reaching an "empty" state? 🔋

I want to share a few energy-boosting habits I've cultivated for myself that bring me fulfilment and joy in small doses:

1️⃣ I have introduced an 11-year-old bonsai to my desk. Caring for this gorgeous miniature tree brings me happiness and energises me! 😌🌿

2️⃣ I take outdoor breaks with my new puppy, Wellington! Playing with him instantly lifts my spirits, setting a positive tone for my next meeting! 🐶

3️⃣ Going for a walk in nature: Luckily, I live near a forest, and taking my lunch break to immerse myself fully in nature revitalises my energy and clears my mind. 🌳🧘‍♀️

Certainly, nothing can replace a longer summer break as it is crucial for launching the new year of work ahead. However, it's equally important to create moments of happiness during the day to recharge on a daily basis.

These practices make us more productive, happier, and reduce our longing for that long-awaited break. And what's it's best, keep burnout at bay.

What are some ways in which you recharge during the day? And, how are you planning to relax during this summer holiday? 👒☀️🧢

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