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Fall In Love With The Process, Not The Outcome

Hiring Managers:

- "The candidate has great technical skills but there was not a cultural match with the team."

- "This candidate is perfect! But, we've decided to put our hiring process on hold. Do you think he'll be available in two months' time?"

- "We would make an offer to this candidate, but we've just decided to promote someone internally instead."

As recruiters, so much is out of our hands! 😣

Cancelled interviews, declined offers, change of projects, lack of budget, and the list goes on...

And every industry has its equivalent.😬

That's why, if I had to pick one single professional advice, it would be:

Fall in love with the process, not the outcome. (an advice I took from 🇬🇧 Benjamin Dennehy).

Because we need to learn to be detached from those things of which are out of our control, otherwise we will waste so much energy & time!

And we must learn to consciously focus on those things which we can control; for example, our level of activity, our focus, our resilience.

We can also control our attitude, our willingness to improve and to be disciplined.

The least we are attached to the outcome, the better we will perform in the long-run.

So, give your best today, and enjoy the ride! :)

The results will follow. ✨

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