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Few Tips for Better Video Interviews: Leave Your Best First-Impression!

Interviews are now limited to a simple video-call.

No more handshake! 😢

But, the good news is you can still leave the best first-impression 👏🙂

Some quick tips for a good impression during a video interview:

1. Be sure the lighting is enough and coming from the right place. A big no-no is having a window behind you making you look like a shadow-face.

2. Be sure your camera and all technical equipment have been tested before the interview starts.

3. Keep the camera at an eye-level: add books or anything below your laptop to assure the right angle.

4. Avoid messy or unflattering backgrounds.

5. Check the temperature in your room.

6. Keep a good posture throughout the interview.

7. Use a headset for better noise-cancelling and voice level.

Any other tips you want to share? Add it in the comments!

Best of luck! 🌟

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