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How did the early lockdown affect the IT market in Belgium?

May 2020 How is coronavirus affecting the freelance IT market in Belgium?

My day of work today was a great snapshot:

- All IT consultants and hiring managers I spoke with today have been working remotely for already several days.

- One consultant said he's highly inclined to extend his contract instead of searching for a change because he feels everything will slow down. The future already seems uncertain, he said!

- One of my clients changed their 'physical interview' protocol and will instead have a conference call with the candidate tomorrow.

- One of my clients is checking possibilities to have a contractor start the assignment remotely instead of on-site.

In times of crisis, we have to be creative.

We need to do our very best to stay productive and responsible at the same time.

There's never been a better time to use 'remote-work' technology (and the phone!) 💻📱

Stay safe everyone!

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