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How do you recharge?

When we launched our first startup with Gilles Dupont in 2015, I thought I needed to overwork to make it happen.

I worked nights and weekends, and over-pushed myself to the limit.

This didn't prevent our company from going bankrupt. A failure we're both proud of, but a failure nonetheless.

This time, with Doowings, it's different.

As a mom of 3 young kids, I decided not to repeat the same mistake.

Every day I make the point to close my computer at 17h30.

Weekends are for the most part 100% for family and personal activities.

The energy flows and I make time for everything. ✨

This weekend, as I walked 20km in Les Ardennes to reconnect with nature, I realized I cannot excel without making time in my life to recharge. 🌲🌱🌳

Because business is a marathon, not a sprint.

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