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Is IT recruitment that simple?

One of the most common mistakes I have seen in the recruitment industry is thinking "recruitment is not rocket science".

As managers, if we believe this, we will create a lot of damage.

1. We will overlook the importance of training as we think recruitment is super simple.

2. We will push junior recruiters to start contacting/calling candidates without the correct knowledge.

3. Expectations of a new hire will be too high as we expect them to do as we did when we started.

Being a recruiter requires high level of emotional intelligence, and the most complex levels of questioning, consulting, technical knowledge, influencing, and advising skills, which are tough to master.

Let's keep that in mind, otherwise:

1. Candidates get calls from people who are not yet prepared to do the job.

2. New recruiters will start to feel the heat from angry candidates, making them even less confident in their job.

3. Junior recruiters will grow to be senior recruiters without ever learning the best practices, creating an endless loop of frustration.

As managers in recruitment, it's our duty to alleviate this pain by taking training more seriously and by creating a structure that understands the learning curve when starting in this industry.

Let's elevate the recruitment standards by taking our career seriously and by training more confident and better prepared recruiters. 👏

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