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IT Recruitment Companies: Beware of Comfort!

Recently something interesting happened.

A potential client contacted us as they had two IT urgent positions to fill.

I immediately reacted to their email; we booked a video call; and we started an intensive search for them right after.

I asked them how many recruitment firms were working with them for these two positions and answer was "We have contacted 5 agencies but you're the only one who has responded so far".

I was shocked (and excited to hear!) 😁

Reactivity in business is one of the most important KPI's to keep track of!

Have you thought about:

- How many opportunities are being lost because of lack of responsiveness?

- How much revenue is sitting in those few calls no one is willing to make?

- How much progress is being lost on the thought that you're "just fine" and "not doing so bad"?

The market moves fast!

Beware of too much comfort!

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