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Launching A Company In Belgium While Having Three Kids


How did you manage to launch a company during a pandemic all the while having 3 young kids?" 🤯

I get this question often, and I've thought about the answer carefully: It didn't happen from one day to the next, but rather gradually.

First of all, we've learned to work consistently on what comes naturally to us. That's already half the battle.

We've also become disciplined, and by that I mean, highly disciplined, both at work and at home.

We've always fuelled our path by celebrating the small victories and taking every mistake as a lesson.

And, we've focused on our work without feeling too anxious about the results; we've learned to trust our craft.

It's a life's gift to have the opportunity to build next to you, Gilles Dupont ✨

And I have the feeling we're just getting started. 😊

Follow the story here.

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