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LinkedIn PDF: A CV substitute or a missed opportunity?

Have you fallen into the comfortable trap of sharing with recruiters a PDF of your LinkedIn profile instead of a personalised CV?

What's the harm, you would think? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Well, let’s break down the points to keep in mind, starting with the LinkedIn PDF:

❗A LinkedIn PDF raises questions regarding credibility: when hiring managers receive a LinkedIn PDF, it can inadvertently raise doubts about the candidate's level of involvement in the application process. The perception that recruiters printed it without the candidate's knowledge undermines the authenticity and diligence that personalised CVs demonstrate.

❗It lacks personality: A LinkedIn PDF fails to capture the unique traits and personal touches such as photo, date of birth, and other specific details. This could suggest a diluted sense of the applicant's true character and potential.

❗It lacks customisation: It fails to showcase the specific reasons of why you’re the perfect candidate for the position because it leaves crucial aspects of your experience undocumented.

I therefore encourage all candidates, even the busiest ones out there, to customise your CV to every job you're applying to. Doing so will help you:

✅ Save time: Creating a narrative that captivates hiring managers on your specific skills relevant to the job helps hiring managers see the potential easier. As a result, you could stand out from the crowd and be called on interview much faster.

✅ Show your involvement and interest: Customizing your CV to the job allows you digest in detail why you're a good fit for the job. A small effort can convey your interest in the position and show your dedication and communication standards.

When applying to jobs, resist the temptation to settle for the convenience of a LinkedIn PDF.

Remember, success often lies in the details.

Customise your CV and avoid taking shortcuts.

Good luck! 😃 💪

What about you, have you fallen into this trap? Share your comments / suggestions below :)

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