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One Simple Tip to Create a More Competitive CV

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In this post we will show you one simple way in which you can become a more competitive candidate and that is by adapting a simple way in which you write your CV.

Usually we have the habit of describing our past experiences by simply writing the tasks which we were performing daily.

Things such as :

- Created a strategy

- Managed a team of 10

- Developed an application

All these are important for the recruiter, but one simply tip to make your CV so much more powerful is to add measurable results that you have achieved on your previous roles.

What would these look like? For example:

- Achieved 10% increase in delivery

- Created a team of 10 which delievered 12% more output

- My application retained 5% more visitors within 1 month of use

These are concise, ways of explaining how effective you are, how productive and successful you have been. We can now compare and quantify your results.

So, don't just tell us you're, great... prove it! :)


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