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One Useful Tip For Hiring Managers When It Comes To Hiring Candidates

When speaking with hiring mangers, I always ask them:

"What makes your XYZ department more attractive than any other XYZ department in Belgium?"

They react with surprise. Or even with suspicion... "Why do I need to sell who we are? If candidates are interested, they will join".

But, more than ever, managers need to realise the war on talent requires sharp skills to build strong teams.

So, as a manager, if you're convinced about candidate, it's time to put your sales hat on and close the deal. It's time to:

Move fast.

Handle any objections.

Understand their situation and expectations.

Convince with certainty and leadership.

And...make it happen!

Otherwise, you're just another "meh" option in a range of options for candidates. Just another company where no strong connection was built throughout the recruitment process.

Today, it's those managers who know what they want and are moving fast that are building the best teams.

Those who get their sales hat on when it comes to hiring!

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