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Recruitment Best Practices: Lessons From The Past

Bad advice I was given throughout my career as a recruiter:

- never give the name of the client to the candidate

- ask the candidate where else he is interviewing to get business leads

- don't give your budget to the candidate

- select all candidates with xyz key words and mass Inmail them; aka "throw anything to the wall, see what sticks".

With time I realized this was not the way I wanted to work and I started to build my own name, I edited those practices to what I felt was right, and I built my own sense of direction.

It is our duty as recruiters to not follow bad advice.

It's our responsibility to actively eliminate bad practices and become better recruiters for our candidates.

If you don't feel you can achieve this at the company where you're working for, you know where to find me!

Read comments of what other candidates in Belgium are saying about this topic here.

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