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Searching for meaning in one's work - How pivoting can help you find your career path

Ever since I started working in 2009, I have been searching for meaning in my work.

I would continuously ask myself, what is my passion? What is my ideal job?

But, the more I asked these questions, the more I felt lost.

The only way I could find an answer was to get to know myself better, and to collide into the real world by testing different work environments.

I worked as a financial / business analyst, doing budgeting & forecasting - it was not for me.

I tried a job doing international business, trading, transportation/logistics, purchasing - it was a good job, but not for me.

I launched a company in wholesale/distribution of organic products - the toughest industry I have been in!

It was until 2018 that I found recruitment, which gave me the mix I was looking for: a job where I can build my future, a job where I can excel, and a job I love.

I noticed it because when you are where you belong, it's easier to challenge yourself and expand in all directions.

Then the energy and the creativity flow effortlessly. ✨

So, it's OK to feel lost sometimes, because the path to professional fulfilment can be quite bumpy.

And it's OK to take the wrong turn in this quest; the most important thing is to believe in yourself, know your worth, be ready to walk away when things are not going well, and have the inner strength to pivot when needed.

Because there's no price for finding the right place, where you feel you belong. 🌟

If you're not there yet, keep moving, keep growing, keep going! 👏

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