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The importanc of not giving mixed signals on what you're expert on - CV advice

I spoke recently with a professional who has been struggling to find a mission.

Two months, several interviews, and yet nothing concrete.

After reviewing his CV I gave him unsolicited advice because I thought he was sending mixed signals to the reader.

He came across as someone who is good at everything but great at nothing. Or, like someone who is not sure about where he wants to go professionally.

He claimed to be looking for a job either as an Architect, a Team Lead, a Product Owner, Technical Writer or a Business Analyst.

Slim down your message and pick one single path, I told him, because sometimes more is not better.

Don't expect the reader to see your potential, cherry-pick your skills, and ignore the extra information you are sharing.

Remember: it is up to you to get the right message across effectively using the right strategy, the right words, the right tone, and the right format.

Right now my fingers are crossed for my candidate as we continue on the search, this time with a much better-looking CV.

How about you, do you think your CV is hurting you instead of helping you?

Get in touch; I'd be glad to help!

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