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The Importance of Giving Proper Feedback After an Interview

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Whenever we have to inform a consultant he has not been selected for the job after an interview, we keep in mind important aspects to be sure the call is as valuable as possible.

Few points worth mentioning:

1. We get a full feedback from my client so we can share with the candidate a full perspective of the interview.

2. Before giving feedback to the consultant, we ask him how he thought it went. Many times they will know already and even tell us in advance this position was not meant for them.

3. We try to speak from a positive angle as much as possible. Better to say the client was looking for someone with stronger skills on the cloud, than to say his cloud skills are weak.

4. We thank the consultant for the time he's spent on the process.

5. We make sure to understand the situation of the consultant: is he available immediately, casually looking, or urgently looking for his next mission? Whichever the case, we continue helping the consultant to find another opportunity.

Giving correct feedback is very important because, even though consultants are used to going on interviews and they know their value on the market, there is always space for improvement. 👏

Anything else we should be doing? 🤔😊

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