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The importance of references

I once came across the CV of a candidate who had some short missions, which inevitably turned into alarm bells.

But looking deeper into his profile, I saw that practically all of his previous managers had written a recommendation for him on LinkedIn expressing how brilliant he was.

After checking more of his references, it was clear: the guy was brilliant.

Even though he had only been for 6 or 8 months at certain clients, the impression he left was excellent, both as a professional and as a person.

That day I realized that even though the one-year mark is important, what counts even more is how genuine our collaboration is, how much energy and time we invest, and how passionate and committed we are to the job.

But the real moral of the story is: if you have to leave you current employer before the one-year mark, don't hesitate to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation.

Because if you don't tell your own story, the rest of us will assume it from what is visible to us.

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