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Upskilling: one way forward in your career

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I was contacted by a candidate some days ago asking me what skills would be good to acquire as she was looking to take some online courses.

She said she recently had an opportunity to work on databases even though this was not at all her job. Since then, she became increasingly interested in learning new technical skills. 👩‍💻

She was afraid to be left behind, she said, or outdated.

I found that so refreshing: someone willing to go the extra mile and to invest in herself thinking of the future. ✨

Upskilling is such an excellent way to get yourself in a new direction. And, being resourceful by reaching out to your network for help, guidance, advice, is another great skill that can help you get ahead.💪

I don't agree with just taking whatever technology seems fancy just to add it on your CV's, but to genuinely dive into a new, more in-demand career, is something that your future self could thank you for.

To her, well done and best of luck!👏

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