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What's the best way to contact a candidate as a recruiter?

Candidate 1: Why do you call me on my phone?! Never call me unless we book an appointment!

Candidate 2: Can we have a call? I prefer to discuss this opportunity by phone.

Candidate 3: Please can you send me the information by email?

Candidate 4: I only communicate via LinkedIn chat.

It's not always easy to explain to a candidate why we pick up a phone and call them to offer a new opportunity.

Some hate it, some don't mind it, some prefer it, and some end up thanking us for calling them for an opportunity they ended up taking.

At Doowings, we keep close track of how candidates prefer to be contacted.

So candidates, if you have a preference on how you like to be contacted, share it on your LinkedIn / CV.

Not all recruiters are bad! I know great ones out there who do read LinkedIn profiles and will consider this info if you share it :)

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