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What writing style should you use in your CV?

When writing your CV, avoid this writing style:

❗️✏️"Throughout my illustrious career, I have amassed an exceptional repertoire of cutting-edge technological implementations, spearheading transformative initiatives that have revolutionised the industry landscape. Leveraging my unparalleled expertise in bla, bla, bla...."

And go more for this style:

✅ ✏️ "Experienced IT professional with 8 years experience in implementing XYZ technologies and driving business outcomes. Proficient in complex infrastructure architectures and enterprise software development."

Even if it might feel counterintuitive, a straightforward approach projects more confidence, whereas an excessive self-promoted approach can backfire as it can raise questions on whether you are misrepresenting your true capabilities.

What is your opinion, do you think writing styles matter?

Which style resonates with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)

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