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Who's responsibility is it to "challenge" in the workplace, employees or mangers?

When I talk to candidates, they tell me they want a new "challenge".

When I talk with clients/managers, they tell me they want someone who "likes challenge and goes the extra mile".

It would seem at first glance that finding the right match between both would be super simple.

Yet, it rarely goes as smooth as one can imagine.

Candidates often complain companies are not doing enough, or not doing things correctly, etc.

Companies/managers often have the feeling employees always want more, or barely do the minimum demanded.

I have a feeling this word "challenge" brings a huge grey zone where interpretations by different parties can differ enormously. It's extremely subjective, and it changes throughout time.

What is challenging to some might be super easy to others at the same level of seniority. New challenges need great communication and both parties to be onboard to make it happen.

In the end, who do you think should bear most of the responsibility when it comes to creating that "challenge"?

I know this is not a "black or white" situation, but generally speaking, do you think it should it be mostly companies challenging employees, or mostly employees challenging themselves and pushing their own boundaries of development within a company?

Curious to know your thoughts!

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