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Yes, IT recruitment can be fulfilling

I've helped people go from permanent employee to freelance.

Freelancers go back to being employees.

I've helped someone find a new job after 23 years in their company.

Students get a job.

I've helped immigrants having a hard time in Belgium get a job.

Senior professionals, and of any level in the hierarchy get a new job.

I've helped dozens of people get a raise in their salary.

Many more to rebuild their CV's and ace their interviews.

I've also helped candidates pivot in their careers and find a new path.

And others to relocate countries and find a new life.

You will hear a lot of things about recruiters, but when you are one... you realize how amazing it feels to help people get ahead professionally.

To serve candidates in their quest for an improved professional life!

I can tell you, it feels great! 😀

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