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Our IT retained services are your fastest and smoothest way to fill-in your vacancies.


By choosing us as your exclusive recruitment partner, you will get full priority as you lock the time of our expert recruiters to your company.


Retained searches eliminate the uncertainty during the recruitment cycle, and gives us the visibility to deliver with confidence and focus.



We understand your company is only as good as the people in it.


We will be relentless in finding the right candidates from a technical and cultural perspective.


Our highest value is when we focus on senior and specialized profiles.  

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In case you need a punctual, specific IT delivery, we will accompany you throughout the entire process of hiring a contractor, from initial search to extension of contract.

Our large network and our understanding of the market in Belgium allows us to be reactive and effective.


We operate on the entire Belgian territory. 

We cover the entire
IT spectrum

Non-Exhaustive List


Infrastructure/cloud/devops engineers, system engineers,  helpdesk & support engineers, automation engineers, and many other roles within the infrastreucture space.


Java, .net, functional programmers, front-end, full-stack, python developers, data engineers, ML & AI engineers, We cover all sorts, architects and business analysts, etc.


Cybersecurity, blockchain engineers, IAM, CISO, risk analysts, security architects, and many other roles within the security space. 


Program Managers, Porfolio Managers, Service Delivery Mangers, Technical Managers,   CIO's, change managers, and many other types of managers within the IT space.


the best candidates are probably not actively looking


What if you could get the right candidates for the right project without receiving random CV's from recruiters who have not even read nor understood your needs?

What if you could get immediate access to an extensive network of IT professionals and highly effective headhunting skills?

What if you could receive the right candidates, with the right culture, languages, rates / salary expectations in a timely manner?

We read your job descriptions, we read candidates' CV's, we analyze who's the best match. Sounds common sense but more often than not, recruiters skip these important steps!

Allow us to help your teams grow. Save precious time. Avoid reviewing random CV's that will only frustrate you.

Say goodbye to dozens of CV's that don't match and say hello to Doowings!


OUR Never-Ghosted Policy

Candidates, you will always hear back from us.

One of the biggest frustrations a candidate can experience is having high-hopes on a job, preparing and sending their CV to a recruiter just to find themselves ghosted: never hearing back from the recruiter. Ever.

At Doowings, we make sure this never happens. Our strict internal policy "Never-Ghosted" assures all candidates that send us their CV receive a personalized feedback.  

Because no one deserves to be ghosted.

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